Superfood Coconut Chocolate Bars

Seriously, this really hits the spot 🙂 Try this!


The Cocoa and Coconut that make up this incredibly satisfying and ridiculously tasty treat are among the list of superfoods: foods that contain numerous health benefits and medicinal properties.  You’ll never know you’re doing something good for yourself when you eat these Coconut Chocolate Bars, because they are oh, so good.

Superfood Coconut Chocolate Bars Superfood Coconut Chocolate Bars

This recipe is adapted from a Trim Healthy Mama recipe, called Skinny Chocolate.  I made it my own by using xylitol in place of the stevia blend, and adding flaked, unsweetened coconut.

About the Ingredients:

The coconut is probably one of the most amazing living things on this planet.  All of its parts are usable and delicious; think coconut oil, coconut water, coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut flesh, coconut bras (haha).  What makes it even more wondrous is how good it is for you.  Coconut oil, in particular with its numerous uses…

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