One Lovely Blog Award <3


I am so excited to announce that I have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award! A big thanks goes out to Fit Farmer for nominating me! I’m so happy that you enjoy reading my posts just as much I enjoy reading yourself! Your recipes that you posts are always so fresh and healthy; just my cup of tea!

The Rules

Thank the person who nominated you for the award

Display the banner/sticker/logo on your blog

Share 7 facts or things about yourself

Nominate 15 bloggers that you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog

7 facts about me

  1. I’m a Christian. I live for God, He is my Rock and my Saviour. I do my best to follow the life of Jesus Christ each and every day and pray that others see something different about me and I hope that difference that they see if Jesus.
  2. I’m a Youth Pastor. I have dedicated my life to ministry. My husband and I are team Youth Pastors at a local church, which we absolutely love. All the teens we work with feel like they are our own and it is our prayer that during the time God has us at this church, they will see Jesus through us and come to believe in Him.
  3. I’m a Seminary student. I’m almost halfway through a Master of Divinity. I honestly do not know where God is going to take me with this degree but He knows and has led me here so I am trusting in Him knowing He will lead me wherever He wants me to be.
  4. I’m married to a wonderful, handsome, God-loving, compassionate, caring, loving (the list could go on and on) man. He is my best friend, we are a team, we lean on each other; my weaknesses are his strengths and my strengths are his weaknesses, we are soul mates…I honestly don’t know what I would do with him. I’m in love with him ❤ If soul mates exist, he’s mine.
  5. I love cooking. More specifically, Evan and I love cooking together. It’s a hobby that we do together because we both love food and we both love trying new things. But we make sure the food we cook and eat is REAL food, not chemically based fake food. Gross. Food is one of God’s greatest creations.
  6. I’m a DIYer. If I can make something or create something instead of buying it, to either save money or avoid things made with chemicals, I am all over that! I love making my own things, it brings me joy J
  7. I love my family with all my heart ❤ I’m definitely a family-oriented person and have learned to cherish each moment I spend with my family because you never know what tomorrow will bring ❤

My 15 nominees:

  1. Fit Farmer
  2. Cooking Without Limits
  3. Cooking With A Wallflower
  4. His Grace. My Growth.
  5. Making It With Danielle
  6. Meals With My Man
  7. modHOMEmade
  8. Pray Like a Gormet!
  9. Prayerbits
  10. Southern Blonde Vegan
  11. The Herbal Healing Mama
  12. The Paleo Pastor 
  13. The Life Project
  14. Amazing Grace
  15. Happy Healthy Fitness 

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