“Is there more to life than this?”

The timeless big question about life is, “Is there more to life than this?” Of course there is. If you havn’t discovered that yet, look around you.

Seriously, look around you. Everyone is seeking more. Seeking fulfillment. Seeking meaning. Seeking comfort. For those who havn’t found what they are looking for has been looking in all the wrong places.

I have seen so many loved ones – friends and family – seek meaning and explanations by reaching out to worldly means (for example, money), creating their own faith by picking and choosing what they like out of numerous faiths, or come to the conclusion that there is no God so they strive to be as successful as possible here on this Earth in attempt to gain meaning in this life.

I watched one of my classmates randomly ask someone the other day if they would like to come to Chapel. They said yes! I surprised myself by being surprised that these strangers were so open. It made me think of how everyone is seeking that “something more” to life. Meaning. Satisfaction. Hope. Truth.

Then something clicked. People are constantly seeking more because they feel a void. The Bible tells us that eternity is written on our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:11) therefore if eternity is part of who we are, it is no wonder people are constantly asking and wondering about the big questions in life. God made and designed us to seek Him. Eternity can only come through God. That meaning, satisfaction, hope and truth that people constantly long for can only be satisfied and found in God.

Knowing my loved ones who do not believe in God, I know their immediate response to this post would be that they don’t actually feel a void and are happy with their life. But I bet if they were actually honest with themselves, they would admit that there is something lacking in their life. That question of “something more than this” would definitely apply to them.

If God designed us with eternity written on our hearts, He obviously created us knowing that we would feel a void in our life UNLESS we seek Him. That is so cool 🙂

As a Christian, follower of Jesus and believer in God, life isn’t perfect because I have God in my life but I have meaning, hope, faith and satisfaction in life. It’s not really an explainable thing. It’s something that needs to be experienced in order to fully grasp what I’m talking about.

God writes eternity on the hearts of all of us because He wants us to seek Him. He is the only way someone will fulfill their need for meaning in life.

I promise you that.


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