The Unexplainable is the Hand of God at Work

My family seems to be somewhat attuned to the supernatural. Whether it be dreams about those who have already passed on, strange encounters or unexplainable events. Since my great aunt died last week, strange encounters and unexplainable events are the case.

My dad called me last night to tell me about the events and I was brought to tears. Not because I was sad, but because I just felt an overwhelming presence of God and a feeling of such comfort. It is a moment I will likely never forget.

This is the first event that happened:

My great aunt was in the hospital and she took a turn for the worse. She has two daughters: one lives in the same city and the other lives about an hour away. When my aunt took a turn for the worse, the sister her sister that lives away to let her know that her mom was going to die soon. She was adamant that she would drive to try to make it before she died but the sister ensured her that she wouldn’t make it. And so they said their good-byes and hung up.

In the home of the sister who lives away, she has a glass patio and a deck. A few minutes after hanging up, she watched a deer walk up onto the patio, walk up to the door and look at her. She said, at that moment she knew her mom was gone. But at the same time, a peace came over her.

he called her sister and sure enough, her mom was gone.

This is the second event:

The family was at the sister’s house making arrangements for the funeral and the doorbell rang. They have the kind of doorbell that can be set to play a song of your choice and the sister has it set to “Star Spangled Banner”. When the doorbell went off, it played, “Joy to the World”. For some reason, they never thought anything of it. A few minutes later, the doorbell went off again and played “Joy to the World”. This time, my aunt’s husband got up to check and no one was at the door. He pressed the doorbell and it played “Star Spangled Banner” – the song it is set to in the first place.

This is a bit eery but comforting at the same time.

I look at this as the hand of God at work. Perhaps my aunt’s daughter needed to see that deer at the moment to have peace. Perhaps the doorbell went off without being pushed singing “Joy to the World” to let her family know that she is okay.

When things like this happen, it gives me the chills but also reminds me that God is in control and through faith in Him, I have hope for a future in heaven.


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