Classical Music Stimulates the Entire Brain

I’m the type of person that gets distracted quite easily. Especially when I’m doing homework, not always, but especially if I’m not really interested in the topic at hand.

When I’m doing homework and I need to concentrate, I listen to classical/instrumental music. I first heard about doing this from my cousin who said that he NEVER does homework without listening to classical music. So, I thought I would experiment with it and see what happens.

It’s a strange phenomenon that happens…while listening to classical music, I can suddenly concentrate better on the task at hand. I’m not saying this works for everyone who has trouble concentrating while doing homework, but it is definitely worth giving it a shot. It works for me!

A music teacher at St. Thomas University (where I did my undergrad) taught his students the connection between the brain and listening to music. When human ears hear music, the entire brain is stimulated and working. Usually, when humans do a certain task or activity, only a portion of the brain is working. BUT when listening to music, the entire brain is stimulated. Now, I have no idea if there is any connection between better concentration when doing homework, but I have a hunch. What do you think?


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