Chicken Souvlaki

One of mine and Evan’s all-time favourite food is chicken souvlaki. We did our Bachelor’s degree together in Fredericton, New Brunswick…also the place where our love for Greek food (specially chicken souvlaki) grew.

We went to this little Greek place called, Yassou’s  and OH MY GOODNESS! So GOOD! I am not ashamed to say that we went there so much that it got to a point where the waitress no longer gave us a menu but rather just came to our table, brought us our usual water and asked, “The usual?” (Aka…chicken souvlaki). And we’d smile and say, “Yes.” Chicken souvlaki is that good.

2014-07-25 14.56.16

Chicken souvlaki from Yassou’s in Fredericton, New Brunswick

Two key signs a place is good: 1. the food is so good that you are totally okay with ordering the same thing every time and 2. It’s filled with locals. That is Yassou’s.

An interesting tidbit: the Greek meaning of Yassou can be interpreted roughly as “Your health!” and is a more commonly used phrased during toasts meaning, “To Your Health!” How fitting on a health food lover’s blog 🙂

All the while missing Yassou’s in Fredericton, we thought we would take a shot at making our own chicken souvlaki!

What You Need:

What To Do:

Make Tzatziki sauce and Greek chicken.

Once you have done that, prep the vegetables (all of which are the classic veggies found in chicken souvlaki). Heat your pita bread slightly in the oven (I would suggest 30 seconds in a preheated oven).

(Chicken souvlaki can be messy so I always wrap mine in tin foil.)

Place your tin foil on a plate and lay your pita on top. Place all your veggies on it (whatever amount you desire…I always go a bit less on the onion because I find too much can take away from the flavour of the chicken and tzatziki sauce). Place chicken on top of veggies. Spoon as much tzatziki sauce as desired and wrap the souvlaki with the tin foil! And BAM, your very own chicken souvlaki!

This is bursting with flavour; wonderful Greek deliciousness! I wouldn’t pass by this recipe without make it if I were you 😛


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