Wolfville Farmer’s Market Community Dinner

In the little town of Wolfville where Evan and I live, they have an amazing Farmer’s Market 🙂 We love going there. On Wednesday nights from October to May of every year from 4pm-7pm, they do this really awesome community event called “Community Dinner”.

How it works is you go in and you give the lady who has the “Market Money” $10.00 and she gives you “Market Money” in exchange. It’s really neat! The “Market Money” looks like Monopoly money haha 🙂 Now, you have five $2 bills. Then you walk around the market to the vendors that are open and get whatever you want, as long as it is under $10. Also, water, salad (with edible flowers! So cool!) and bread are complementary.

2014-08-13 16.14.08

We went with my brother and his girlfriend this past Wednesday and we all decided on the same thing, Privet House’s Pulled Pork Sandwich and oh my god, it was so good! The sauce used on the pulled pork was AMAZING and they topped it with these yummy crunchy deep-fried onions…YUM! That was $6.

2014-08-13 16.13.55

They have tables set up throughout the market and so we found a table, popped a squat and devoured the delishousness on our plate.

We sat a wondered what we would do with our left-over $4 and we thought, coffee and desert! Evan and I pooled our money and shared a lemon custard tart from Slow Dough Bakery ($5) and got a small Medium-roast coffee from T.A.N. Coffee It was wonderful!

2014-08-13 16.35.00

My thoughts: this is such a great community initiative. You get great food, if you go with friends or family, everyone can choose to get whatever they want, it is only $10 and local places are being supported as well. If other communities are able to support such a thing, what is there to lose? I am unaware of any of place that does something like this but perhaps there is and I just haven’t discovered it yet!

After our wonderful night out, Evan and I decided that when we get back into the groove of school next month, having a date night every once and a while would be perfect 🙂 Only $20, we get fresh salad, a wonderful meal, we support locals and it is only a 5 minute walk away! I love Wolfville ❤


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