Great Ambiance and A Great Burger

When my little bro comes to visit, he always loves going to the Library Pub & Wine Tavern 🙂 It’s a quaint pub that has the warm ambiance of an old library. Dark wood. Old books. Old green desk laps. Wood tables. It’s all and all great! On my vist this time, I learned that they don’t have a deep-fryer! A very nice touch I must say to a pub 🙂 It shows that they serve fresh food, which is something I am ALWAYS looking for. The menu is small as well which is always a good sign…small menu = high quality food (and usually means REAL food as well!)

I got this wonderful hamburger called “The Library Burger”. According to the waitress, it is the most popular thing on the menu. To be honest, it wasn’t the best burger I have ever had, but definitely good enough to blog about!

The burger came on a fresh multigrain bun with bacon, lettuce and a spicy mayo. It was delish 🙂 It also came with a side salad with a homemade poppy seed dressing. YUMMM!!!!

2014-08-14 17.53.56

So if you ever find yourself in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, check out the @Library Pub & Wine Tavern. You won’t be disappointed 🙂


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