Popcorn with a Touch of Coconut

I love it when I can turn something bland into something wonderful 🙂 Well, I wouldn’t exactly call popcorn bland…it’s a blank canvas really…you can create whatever flavours you desire with it! 

When Evan and I are craving a snack after work or school in the evenings, popcorn is usually our go-to snack. It’s our fav 🙂 

We make popcorn the traditional way: with the stove and a big pot 🙂 We’ve trashed the microwavable popcorn because it is filled with nasty preservatives and this so-called “butter” that is obviously NOT butter or else it would spoil….false advertising. Anywho, in my opinion, air-popped popcorn made traditionally tastes so much better anyway 🙂 

All you need is: popcorn kernels & coconut oil. 


– Put a large pot on the stove on medium heat with the cover on. Once heated, put a heaping (and I mean really heaping so you can taste the coconut) Tbsp and let melt. Then put approx. 1/4 – 1/2 cup (depending on how hungry you are haha) in the pot. And put the cover on! Or else popcorn will fly everywhere! Shake the pot every once and awhile so it doesn’t burn and it is done when either the sound of kernels popping has slowed significantly OR when they stop completely 🙂 

I find 1/4 cup of kernels is plenty for a light snack but if your really feeling the munchies, definitely go for 1/2 cup of kernels 🙂 

If your the type of snacker like me who loves tropical flavours and crunchy snacks, this is for you. Four thumbs up! (mine and Evan’s haha) 


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