Homemade Hot Cocoa Made Even Better!

Okay, so this recipe isn’t necessarily healthy but if it is homemade, you know what the ingredients are which is WAYYY better then the packaged stuff. I am very leary of packaged processed foods…it could sit on the shelf for weeks and never go bad. Think about it. That’s not normal. Normal is the shelf life should be fairly short if it is REAL food. All those perseverative that are in food, I don’t want them. Imagine what they do to your body when you consume food packed with preservatives! I can’t imagine it’s anything good.

Evan wanted me to make him some hot cocoa last night because we finally bought some cocoa and so I wiped out my classic recipe 🙂 It’s super simple and super delicious!

What you need:

1 Cup of Milk (or whatever you may use as an alternative)

1 Tbsp of Brown Sugar (You could also replace it with any sweetener…I just find the brown sugar gives it a wonderful earthy taste).

1 tsp of vanilla

A pinch of chili powder

* This recipe is for one person…more people, double amounts accordingly


Heat the burner on medium, put all the ingredients into a small pot and whisk continually until all the ingredients are mixed and the hot cocoa is to the temperature of your liking.

2014-08-11 22.34.28

I must say the pinch of chili powder gives it a little kick…not spicy but more of “there’s something different about this and I can’t quite figure out what it is” kind of kick 🙂 It’s good!

Chocoholics, this is delish. Make it.


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