Smoked Salmon Sandwich = Fireworks of Flavour in My Mouth

So my husband and I are on vacation for the next week or so and we are using our vacation time to visit the fam which is really awesome 🙂 Me and mom went to Fredericton yesterday, which is about 45 minutes South of my hometown, just to have a day for ourselves and also so I could get something for Evan for our anniversary…I can’t wait to tell you all about what it is! 🙂 We were trying to decide what to eat for lunch…something that was good quality food and a good price. And might I add, I lived in Fredericton for 5 years and they have so much great little local restaurants and that are a good price…its heaven for foodies 🙂 We narrowed it down to Isaac’s Way.

Issac’s Way was recently revamped in the old courthouse in downtown Fredericton and it has such an eccentric warm vibe. There’s paintings from local artists all over the walls which you can buy if you love it and just have to take it home with you. The menu is small which is always a sign that the food is good quality food. And the water comes in a cute old glass milk jug style container 🙂 And at Issac’s way, everything is local and is REAL food…my cup of tea 🙂

2014-07-31 12.04.19

We started with a Skinny Dipper which is a mix of raw veggies and three varieties of dips: creamy basil, roasted red pepper pecan and avocado mint. YUM! The veggies were all super fresh too 🙂 When we were half way through eating that, my brother and his girlfriend came along and so we ordered…I ordered the Smoked Salmon Sandwich….heaven ❤ If you love dill and you love the flavour of smoked salmon, order this, don’t even look at anything else on the menu, you will honestly not be disappointed. It came on multigrain bread, with lettuce, tomatoes, pickled onions, this yummy lemon dill spread and heavenly hot smoke salmon…oh, and homemade dill pickles on the side. I also had a side salad with a delicious sweet onion dressing.

2014-07-31 12.30.42

Yum. That’s all I have to say. And go there and try it.


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