Hey World!

This is totally new to me. Although I am 23 and should be technologically savvy according to our society, I’m not so much. But I wanted to create this blog to talk to others, put myself out there and be introduced into the entirely new community (to me) of bloggers!

First off, I named my blog “My Body. His Home.” which stems from my faith as a Christian. When I became a Christian, Romans 8:10 says that the Spirit of God came to live in me…in other words, the Spirit I had before I became a Christian is gone and has been replaced with the Spirit of God. That is so very humbling to me. The Bible teaches that we should be treating our body as a temple because if God’s Spirit is living within me, I should treat my body well.

I started really being conscious of taking care of my body by keeping it moving through exercise and by conscious of the food I consume a few years ago. To be honest, I wasn’t doing it for the right reasons as I fell into our superficial’s society’s trap by believing I have to look a certain way to fit it. Frankly, I think the beginnings of an eating disorder set it. But once I become more attuned to my spirituality, taking care of my body now has a deeper meaning to me.

You only get one body and one chance at life and I am doing my very best to live life to the fullest. One way I do that is through food and exercise. I LOVE food ❤ but I should let you know that I love REAL food….food that you don’t have to question the ingredients and can name off the ingredients on one hand. That processed junk is just….bad…so very bad for your body.  I also LOVE exercise, particularly Pilates which I try to do everyday.

So, this blog has been created to share with the world my journey through this life, taking care of my body, loving my husband, loving life, loving food, and loving Pilates. On top of all that, I love God and I try my very best each and each day to follow Jesus’ life to the best of my abilities to let Him shine through me 🙂

With this blog, I hope it will eventually become a resource for all to help others living a wholesome healthy life where there will be recipes, rants I am sure haha, pictures, food, etc. For all those Christians out there, sometimes we forget that our body is the temple of God and we completely forget who is living within us…don’t we? I think it’s about time that we stop forgetting about that. You can’t pick and choose what to listen to in the Bible…it’s not like a bag of  M&Ms where you pick out all the yellow ones and throw away the rest because you like the yellow ones better. And for all those out there who are not Christian, I know there is a lot of people out there who strive to live wholesome lives. Let’s journey together.


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